Jayne has every right to be cautious with men. With a distant father and her fiancé, Aaron, calling off their wedding just a month before — claiming he’d fallen in love with another woman — she’s not into taking any risks now. But when a handsome, self-assured stranger offers her a dream vacation in beautiful Ireland — all expenses paid — she can’t help but be intrigued. However, can she trust any man? Especially one who seems as cynical about marriage as she is?

After a disastrous breakup and betrayal, Stanton has vowed he’ll never trust a woman — or ever marry. But now he’s drawn to the beautiful, chestnut-haired Jayne …

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About The Author

Marlene D. Lake, an Ordained Minister and retired United Methodist Pastor has served as pastor of four United Methodist churches and as chaplain at Bethany Lutheran Homes, and taught Communication Skills at two colleges. Rev. Lake facilitates a Christian women’s group dedicated to praying for church, community, nation, and world. These women believe their prayers will help change the troubled world in which we live.

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