Maxie, the World’s Largest (Stuffed) Field Mouse, must come through time
and again to thwart the criminals in his peaceful-albeit
mouse-obsessed-hometown of Melnik, Nebraska. Carrie Evans, hates mice
and loves the big city, do why has she returned to her dinky hometown
and taken up residence in an infested house? Museum curator Bonnie
Simpson is attacked while at work in the proud home of Maxie. Can she
believe the guy’s claim to have never before seen-let alone murdered-the
person in Bonnie’s storeroom? Attorney Tyler Simpson thinks he’s found a
home in Melnik, but will he be run out of town when he’s forced to
defend the town’s nemesis as her court-appointed attorney?

3-in-1 edition includes:
Of Mice…and Murder
Pride and Pestilence
The Miceman Cometh