The Year 1091 in the Age of Warlent.

It has been thirty-five years since the courageous leader of slaves, Dryhten, and his people fought their way to freedom. Now established in their homeland of Ferranor, they face a rising threat from the south — the ancient enemy of Warlent, the Conqueror, has reawakened.

As Dryhten and his friends strive to rally the kings and nations of the world for one great defense, they are caught by surprise when a new leader emerges — a young Melatari with a mission that will forever change their world … and usher in the concluding saga to this triumphant tale of redemption.

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About The Author

A pastor and graduate of Houghton College and Denver Seminary, Matthew's Hidden Kings Trilogy is a result of his volunteer work in North Africa, his love of history, and volunteer work with Operation Mobilization to build an orphanage, where the example of his fellow workers provided much inspiration. Matthew and his wife, Rachel, are in pastoral ministry in Maine and have two sons, Josiah and Samuel.

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