Embassy System is a cultural hub of the galaxy. Its centralized location to trade routes and its multiple habitable planets, moons and asteroids make it an ideal melting pot for alien races of all shapes and sizes, living together in apparent peace and tolerance.

But in the seedy underbelly of Embassy City, an evil conspiracy is brewing.

A band of unlikely pirates, mercenaries and misfits find themselves unwittingly banded together in an adventure way beyond anything they’ve dealth with before. And what they face could very well reshape the truth of the universe as we know it!

Written and developed over a lifetime by Joe Endres, Colossians brings together some of the best and brightest Megazeen ever had to offer. Colossians #1 features a dreamteam of penciler Kneon Transitt (Shadowbinders, Lord of the Ring Dings, Mecha Manga Bible Heroes), colorist Mark Melton (Angerdreams, Island of Conformity, Rosemary) and cover artist Jeff Slemons (Robot 13, Heavy Metal). The series launches in June, with issue 2 and 3 hot on its heels, featuring other Megazeen artists with each subsequent issue. As we continue the story through several arcs, we’ll be taking you ultimately to a very unexpected place indeed.

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