The end of the world is at hand…

In the midst of global chaos, people around the world continue to search for loved ones who have vanished in the disappearance. First Sergeant Samuel Adams “Goose” Gander and the men of the 75th Army Rangers fight to hold Sanliurfa, Turkey, against superior enemy forces. Goose’s newfound Christian faith is being tested at every turn, and he’s not sure he’ll survive long enough to learn if the troubles he’s facing are the result of the great events of the end times or the side effects of another terrible war.

Back at Ft. Benning, Goose’s wife, Megan, is struggling with the disappearance of her youngest son, worrying about a husband who is overseas and a teenage son who has run away from home. She’s been brought up on charges by the parents of a missing child, and anyone who could support her claims has disappeared.

As devastating as the disappearances have been…the darkest days may lie ahead.

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About The Author

Mel Odom is a full-time writer with many published works to his credit. Mel has been inducted into the Oklahoma Professional Writers Hall of Fame and received the Alex Award for his fantasy novel The Rover. The first novel in the Left Behind: Apocalypse series, Apocalypse Dawn, continues to appear on the best-seller list. Mel resides in Oklahoma with his wife and five children.

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