It’s a cold May in Acorn Hill. Jane is putting pansies in the front
garden for a splash of spring cheer when a big pink Cadillac parks in
front of the inn. Out jumps Belle from Georgia looking for a room.
Within minutes, she divulges the reason for her trip. “God gave me a
dream that I would meet the man I am meant to marry right here in Acorn
Hill. We will be married the first weekend of June.” Jane and her
sisters teeter between disbelief and awe as Belle sets off to meet all
the eligible bachelors in beautiful Cascade Mountains. Will it be Pastor
Kenneth? Wilhelm, owner of Time for Tea? Or, Don and Ron, the twins
staying at the Inn? Then Jane gets a letter from Justin, her ex-husband,
asking if he can visit. What could he want after all this time? As Jane
faces the mistakes of her past, the whole town helps Belle prepare for
her wedding … but to whom?