The Christmas stories of beloved author Melody Carlson have sold more than 350,000 copies. Now you can enjoy three of these popular novels in one value-priced volume. Each story highlights the things you adore about Christmastime–family, love, commitment, forgiveness, and gratitude.

The Christmas Bus
It’s only two weeks before Christmas, and Edith Ryan is disappointed to learn that none of her children is coming home for the holidays. She decides to invite strangers to rent rooms usually reserved for family during the week of Christmas. When the guest list shapes up to include a cantankerous old woman and a young couple with a broken-down hippie bus and a baby on the way, Edith wonders if she made the right choice. Will this strange assortment of guests ruin Christmas? Or could she be entertaining angels unaware?

The Gift of Christmas Present
Christine Bradley couldn’t have been more surprised when, shortly after her mother’s death, her father revealed that Christine had been adopted at birth. As she grapples with the revelation, Christine determines to find what’s left of her biological family. As Christmas nears and Christine draws closer to the truth about her heritage, she finds an unexpected gift in the family she never knew she had.

Angels in the Snow
Looking for solace after the deaths of her husband and young son, artist Claire Andrews flees to a cabin in the Cascade Mountains. As Claire walks through the woods each day, she discovers two mysterious sets of footprints in the snow, an adult’s and a child’s. Is she imagining them? And how is it that the tracks are gently leading her to paint–and to hope–once again?