How I wished, in that awful fire-flickering moment when I could still see his face, that I had agreed to his proposal when I’d had the chance–in spite of the danger. But it was too late now….

A young black man in the South shortly after the War Between the States, Jake strikes out on his own, hoping to outrun his master and the consequences of an angry deed.

Carrying a grudge and his guilty secret, Jake heads north on a quest to find freedom and the father he has long resented. On the way, he discovers not only his long-lost papa, but two intriguing young women as well, one of them a former slave like himself.

Jake soon falls in love with a girl who has secrets of her own. But before she can answer his proposal, danger comes calling…

Will Jake learn to forgive his father–and himself –only to lose his true love…and possibly his life?

Carolina Cousins
The Civil War may be over, but the dangers continue. Two southern women with big dreams work to keep the family plantation running after the Civil War with the help of two uncles and a group of former slaves who have become dear friends. Amid the challenges and struggles, the two young women find inner strength, deeper faith, the beauty of unlikely friendships–and maybe even love. Rich with the deep spiritual insights bestselling author Michael Phillips is known for, this new series is one you won’t want to miss.