Can Two Girls From Different Worlds Survive in a World Turned Upside Down?

Born within a year of each other and in the same North Carolina County, Mayme and Katie had grown up in two separate worlds. Mayme was a member of a slave family, and her future held nothing but slavery and hardship. Katie’s future was bright with promise–a Southern family’s genteel plantation life surrounded by books and music and culture.

Then came the Emancipation Proclamation and the horrors of a nation at war with itself. By its conclusion, death and destruction had fallen on Katie’s Rosewood Plantation home and on Mayme’s slave quarters. What would the future bring to them now?

Shenandoah Sisters
Michael Phillips’ bestselling Civil War saga traces the efforts of two very different Southern girls—one the daughter of a slave, the other the daughter of a plantation owner—as they fight to stay safe after being orphaned in the war. Soon the plantation they have struggled to maintain becomes a beacon of hope to others in desperate need.