Among the gently rolling Devonshire downs of southwest England, the
Rutherford family leads a peaceful and privileged life at Heathersleigh
Hall, the elegant country estate outside the picturesque village of
Milverscombe. Charles and Jocelyn Rutherford consider themselves a
thoroughly modern couple, teaching their children to throw off the
restrictions of a society long steeped in tradition.

A rising
political star in Parliament, Charles spends his weekdays in London,
engaged in moving England forward into the twentieth century, while
Jocelyn remains at Heathersleigh Hall with her children, secluded from
the prying eyes of London society.

But there are secrets beneath
this prosperous and contented life. Despite their carefully constructed
layers of protection, the Rutherfords are about to be set on a journey
of truth that will change them in ways they never could have imagined.