Ches Cholmondeley saw his sister disappear. Now there are more mysteries: atomic clocks have lost a second, resulting in bizarre events from dropped casseroles to plane crashes. What’s a brother to do?

Figure out a way to get his sister back, of course. But the situation is dire. Someone is stealing time, and if the thief isn’t stopped, the world will end. And when he does learn how to mend the umbrella, Ches is torn, knowing that the very deed that will save the world might also keep Chelsea from ever returning to it.

In this sequel to The Blue Umbrella, Ches learns a valuable lesson about love and family.

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About The Author

Mike Mason is the best-selling, award-winning author of The Mystery of Marriage, The Gospel According to Job,Practicing the Presence of People, and many others. He has an M.A. in English and has studied theology at Regent College. He lives in Langley, BC, Canada, with his wife, Karen, a family physician. They have one daughter, Heather, who is pursuing a career in dance and the arts.

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