Sometimes the deepest pain is the pain you can’t let yourself feel. Mallory Carlisle has her hands full dealing with financial troubles she’s determined to hide, an absentee husband, two active daughters, and a family whose demands for loyalty border on the obsessive. Yet the most devastating secret of all—the one her family is desperate to keep buried—is the one that lurks in Mallory’s subconscious.

Secrets can’t remain hidden forever. One day at a family gathering, long-suppressed memories come to the surface—forcing her, at last, to confront unbearable pain from her childhood. But when guilt and suspicion drive a wedge between Mallory and her husband, she is faced with the challenge of a lifetime—to find true comfort and healing.

Can anything—or anyone—reconcile the deepest of human betrayals? Reawakened to the pain she experienced as a child and driven to save her failing marriage, Mallory finds herself at a crossroads. Will she find a path that leads her out of the past—toward a future full of hope, joy, and truth—with the only One who can set her free?

This novel, connected to the Circle of Friends Ministry, will challenge your faith as you witness the redemption and restoration that is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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About The Author

Missy Horsfall is a board member, speaker, executive producer and radio host for Circle of Friends Ministries. She and her husband live in Ohio and have three married children and three grandchildren. Susan Stevens is a United Methodist pastor and her heart’s passion is working with women to touch the heart of Jesus through formational prayer. Susan lives and ministers in East Ohio.

Books by Missy Horsfall and Susan Stevens