Something happened to Anne Mitchell when she was 11 years old so horrible her mind erased the first decade of her life. Twenty-five years later, she has come home to a dried-up Texas prairie town to find her past, to live with her crazy grandmother in the rambling, old house where she grew up—in a final, desperate attempt to remember. Unless she remembers, Anne will never understand the meaning of the anguished confession her mother choked out as she lay dying. And Anne will remain forever a slave to what she calls the “Boogie Man” – images from her lost childhood that appear unbidden in her painting and stalk her dreams. She doesn’t know that the cost of remembering could be her sanity. Or her life …

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About The Author

As a storyteller, Ninie Hammon draws on events from a 25-year career as a journalist to fuel her novels. Ninie also was the founder of a 65,000-readership newspaper, serving as its publisher for a decade. Through her career as a journalist and now through her cinematic novels, Ninie enjoys a large (and growing) fan base.

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