As beautiful Lake Geneva plays host to Chicago’s elite
in the exciting Big-Band era, aspiring reporter Meg Alden wants to work
in a man’s world. Will the man who steals her job also win her heart?

It’s 1933, and beautiful Lake Geneva is a summertime playground for
Chicago’s wealthy. Local girl Meg Alden works at the town newspaper, but
she aspires to be a real reporter. When a job opens up, Meg spies an
opportunity to break into the business — until Jack Wallace, son of the
newspaper’s owner, is hired instead. How will Meg ever be able to work
with the man who stole her job… and makes her pulse race?

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About The Author

Pamela S. Meyers, raised in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, has told stories most of her life. She serves in her church's outreach to the Japanese community. She also facilitates a women's Bible study. She resides in Illinois.

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