Aaron Jamieson lives a carefree life. He’s good-looking,
respectable when he’s in the mood, but his weakness is women.

When a
woman tries to ambush him with a pregnancy, he takes off in the other
direction. Responsibility as an option is something he learned from his
absentee father. Taleigh Reed has a bright future ahead of her. She’s
pretty and has no problem catching a man’s eye, which is exactly what
she does with Ace. Their chemistry is undeniable and their passion
explosive. Trapping Ace is the furthest thing from Taleigh’s mind when
she learns she’s pregnant. She’s determined to be a good parent.
When Ace rejects her she lets him know, “I want nothing from you Ace,
not even your name,” and she means it. But Ace’s big brother and
cousins don’t plan to let the child who represents the twelfth
generation descendant of a royal African tribe leave the fold. Whether
Ace decides to accept his responsibility or not, his family embraces
Taleigh and baby. As for Ace, they turn him over to the LORD. How long
will he be able to endure the guilt trip he’s experiencing because of
his choices? What will it take for him to accept responsibility and
turn from the same path his father took?

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About The Author

Pat Simmons is passionate about digging up the dirt on her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She has a degree in mass communications and has worked in various media positions in radio, television, and print for over twenty years. Currently, she oversees the media publicity for the annual RT Booklovers Conventions.

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