Joshua Ben-Yosef, an Israeli from Galilee — born in Nazareth to parents
Mary and Joseph — begins assembling twelve followers, attracting crowds,
and performing miracles, the world takes notice. Could Dr. Melvin
Merton, well-known leader and author of end times books, have been
correct about the imminent return of Christ? It seems everyone is a
believer in this “Messiah,” including Dr. Weber’s wife, Shannon, especially
when Joshua performs the “ultimate sign” by raising his disciple from
the dead. Plagued by skepticism, Weber may be the only one who can
intervene before the very foundations of the Christian faith are

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Dr. Paul Maier is the Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University and an author of both scholarly and popular works. Dr. Maier lectures widely, appears frequently on national radio, television, and newspaper interviews, and has received numerous awards. He has also penned seven children's books and produced three four-hour video series dealing with Jesus, St. Paul, and the early church.

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