After the greedy founders of a scientific research laboratory intentionally infect subjects with a deadly plague in order to develop a lucrative vaccine, the plague spreads beyond the lab’s control. A top-secret government team of scientists covertly begins to research a solution. They turn their attention to the seventeenth-century—the only other time when a widespread plague ravaged the world—for clues on how to prevent this disaster from happening again. In particular, the scientists are interested in how eighty people from the village of Eyam (pronounced “eem”) were able to remain virtually untouched by the plague at the height of the Black Death’s deadly reign over Europe.

But trouble is afoot in Eyam — grave robberies, grisly murders, and the bizarre reappearance of the Blue Monk — a legendary, spectral figure from the time of the plague. Can he be real? And who’s trying to stop the team from discovering the truth about Eyam?

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About The Author

Paul McCusker is the Peabody Award–winning writer and director of the multiple award-winning audio dramatizations of The Chronicles of Narnia, Les Miserables, A Christmas Carol and more. Walter L. Larimore, MD, has been called one of "America's best-known family physicians" and listed in "Distinguished Physicians of America," "The Best Doctors in America," and "Who's Who in America."

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