Meg Thomerson needs assistance getting back on her feet—even if it comes
from the man who made her a widow. Ace Allen didn’t intend to kill her
husband, he only wanted to protect the town from the man’s rage. Now Ace
is keeping Meg’s business and farm running while she heals, both
physically and emotionally. But is he helping her out of charity—or
because of something more?

Half Native American, Ace struggles
to find his place in the world. He keeps himself isolated from the
community, but sweet Meg begins to penetrate his defenses. At first, he
simply wanted to make amends to her. Now, if she’ll let him, he could
become the loving husband she deserves…

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About The Author

Penny Richards has written and sold contemporary romance since 1983. She took several years off to pursue other ventures, including editing a local oral history project and coauthoring a stage play. She also ran and operated Garden Getaways, a bed-and-breakfast and catering business. Her love of writing and all things historical led her to back to historical mysteries and inspirational romances. She is thrilled to be back and, God willing, hopes to write for many more years.

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