In the future, you can transfer your consciousness into an artificial body—known as a personifid—and cheat death indefinitely. But human beings aren’t the only ones who want those bodies—Interterrestrials have found that personifids will house them very well, too.

Ashley is trapped in San Edhem, a city where Interterrestrials and humans struggle for control of the personifids. Can her siblings, Aphra and Antha, rescue her before she is lost to them forever?

In The Personifid Project author R. E. Bartlett introduced us to a future in which Christianity is a vanished belief system and people deal with ultimate issues, death in particular, by avoiding them.

Now in the sequel, Bartlett expands her vision of the ramifications of soul transferrence. In the era of her story, science has developed technology capable of detecting interdimensional beings that, through history, have been known as spirits. These “interterrestrials” take on personifid bodies, living in them as shells or puppets, whether there’s a human soul in the personifid body or not.

Aphra and her brother, Antha, join their friends Gun, Birn, Lev, and Ramius on an important search. They’ve learned the whereabouts of their long-lost sister, Ashley. But can they find her? And if so, what will they find? It’s action and humor and theological dilemmas in a ruined future in which robots can be inhabited by…unfriendly interdimensional beings.

The Personifid Invasion is New Zealand novelist R. E. Bartlett’s second published novel.

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About The Author

R. E. Bartlett lives in the North Island of New Zealand in a dairy-farming region. She is the author of The Personifid Project and several unpublished Christian novels. Her speculative stories are characterized by humor, realistic dialogue, and engaging fantastic worlds.

Books by R.E. Bartlett

The Personifid Invasion

Action, humor and theological dilemmas in a ruined future where robots can be inhabited by...unfriendly interdimensional beings.