Aviation professor and pilot Kendra Atkinson has had some difficult passengers in her time. Garrett Beal is difficult to a T. But while Kendra can handle Garrett’s fear when it comes to small planes, it’s his attempt to recruit her younger brother to a Washington, D.C., firm that makes her cringe. This cosmopolitan engineer is tearing down her rural paradise.

Garrett has reasons for being in Indiana. Teaching an engineering seminar, studying the local covered bridge, retracing the steps of his Christian ancestor. Falling head over heels for a redheaded beauty isn’t on that list.
But as he and Kendra spend more time together they soon can’t bear to be apart.

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About The Author

Rachael Phillips is active in the music ministry and women's ministries of her church. She and her husband Steve, a small-town physician and adjunct professor, live in Indiana.

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