Rachel and Dillon are about as opposite as two people can be. She is quirky, erratic, and liberal, and he is uptight, meticulous, and conservative. But both are brilliant and on the verge of developing a quantum computer with the potential to change the world. On the eve of certain breakthrough, the sabotage begins–someone knows about their discovery, and the treachery is escalating. In the wrong hands, their discovery could destabilize the world’s economy. They have no choice but to run, but are they running from or toward the enemy? Ingermanson deftly combines action-packed suspense, intriguing scientific speculation, a bit of romance, and delightful touches of humor in this fascinating techno-thriller.

“Great characters and an intriguing premise make for a fascinating look into the realm of higher physics. Welcome to the day after tomorrow. A very solid read.”– Davis Bunn

“I can’t rave enough about Double Vision, Randall Ingermanson’s new novel. I don’t know when I’ve read a novel so impossible to put down. Suspenseful action played out with larger-than-life characters makes Double Vision truly unforgettable. I predict it will be a book everyone talks about and no one wants to miss experiencing.” — Colleen Coble, author of Into the Deep

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About The Author

Randy Ingermanson writes about "The Intersection of Faith Avenue and Science Boulevard." Randy earned a Ph.D. in physics at U.C. Berkeley and is the award-winning author of six novels and one non-fiction book.

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