Chad Martin has had his share of lies and deceit. The only bright spot, the sun in each and every day, is his beautiful toddler, Lainey. Then he runs into his first love on the Stockville College campus. Seeing Jessica reminds him of what is missing in his life. Jess had always been the type of woman he could love, honest and trustworthy. And his feelings from the past are still very much alive in the present.

Jessica Bowman has returned home after six years away, but she hasn’t returned alone. Her adorable five-year-old Nathan is by her side and ready to start life in “Mommy’s town.” But Jessica doesn’t realize that her first love has also returned to Claremont, and she has no idea that he’s an instructor at the college where she’s taking classes. More than that, Jessica is now faced with the dilemma of explaining to Chad why she left so many years ago, and why Nathan’s green-gold eyes are so similar to his own.

Now Nathan has a Valentine’s Day request, and Jess would love to make his vision a reality, if Chad can find a way to forgive…

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About The Author

Renee Andrews spends a lot of time in the gym. No, she isn't working out. She and her husband, a former All-American gymnast, own an all-star cheerleading gym. She is thankful the talented kids there don't have a problem when she brings her laptop and writes while they sweat. When she isn't writing, she's typically traveling with her husband, bragging about their two sons or spoiling their bulldog.

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