Deep in the isolated Northwest Territories, four friends are on
the trip of a lifetime. Dropped by helicopter into the remote Canadian
wilderness, Hutch, Terry, Phil, and David are looking to escape the
events of a tumultuous year–a bitter divorce, bankruptcy, depression,
and job loss–for two weeks of hunting, fishing, and camping.

Armed only with a bow and arrow and the basics for survival, they’ve
chosen a place far from civilization, a retreat from their turbulent
lives. But they quickly discover that another group has targeted the
remote region and the secluded hamlet of Fiddler Falls for a more
menacing purpose: to field-test the ultimate weapon.

With more than a week before the helicopter rendezvous and no
satellite phone, they must risk everything to help the townspeople who
are being held hostage and terrorized.

An intense novel of character forged in the midst of struggle, survival, and sacrifice, Deadfall is highly-acclaimed author Robert Liparulo’s latest rivetingly smart thriller.