The Clan is on a mission to defy God by destroying those with the strongest faith.

a group of ruthless immortals—known as The Clan—attack St. Catherine’s
monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai, they steal one of the world’s
holiest artifacts: a piece of stone from the Ten Commandments. Those who
touch the Stone can see into the spiritual world: angels, demons, and
the blue threads of light ascending to Heaven that signal the presence
of believers who are connected to God.

Only Jagger—a spiritually
wounded husband, father, and former Army Ranger—and Owen—an immortal
himself—have any hope of stopping the Clan’s horrific plans.

another group of immortals, who believe that Jagger’s wife holds the
secret to salvation, is after her. Torn between stopping the Clan and
protecting his family, there are no easy answers for Jagger. Laying
aside his faith in high-tech gadgetry and in his own strength and
abilities and embracing true faith isn’t easy for someone who has
resisted for 3,000 years. But it may be the only key to his salvation.