The problems facing Pastor Steven Warner’s congregation are all too familiar–teen sex, New Age influences, violence at school and on the street, family members too busy for each other, and church schism. No matter how many hours he puts in, he can’t meet everyone’s needs. Steven seems to be forgetting that it’s not his responsibility to fix all these hurts on his own–and that his family is suffering because he is working too hard. The dramatic and unexpected results at the church and at a local college reveal the true power of the Holy Spirit, and, in the end no one is ever the same after experiencing the Stirring.


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About The Author

Bob Moeller and wife Cheryl are co-founders of For Better For Worse For Keeps Ministries. Bob hosts the syndicated television call-in program “Marriage: For Better, For Worse” on the Total Living Network. He has authored ten books, two of which were nominated for Gold Medallion Awards. Bob and Cheryl, married more than 30 years, are the parents of six.

Books by Robert Moeller

The Stirring

A nation, a dream, and a family are about to perish. Can anything but revival save them'