Storm clouds gather, and Tami does her best to weather the growing turbulence in every area of her life. Tami’s
just accepted a job with a law firm but now wonders if she’s made the
right decision. There are two strong men vying for her heart — but she’ll lose them both if she can’t determine which one is right for her.

Tami’s new case is anything but simple. When she first meets her
prospective client, she immediately knows the rough young teen is lying,
guilty … and utterly terrified of something beyond the charges she’s
facing. What Tami doesn’t realize is just how far reaching the effects of
the case will go, or how close to home the deadly results will hit. By the time the storm breaks, someone close to her will have paid the
ultimate price.

Through it all, Tami will experience greater sacrifice, greater friendship, and greater love than she’s ever known.