What would you do if the dream you had last night came true today?

secretary Amy Clarke is a budding romance novelist with an active
imagination. However, unlike other writers, the inspiration for her
books doesn’t come when she’s awake; it happens while she sleeps. Amy
knows that the interpretation of dreams plays a significant role in the
Bible. Could God be trying to tell her something?

Amy’s mother
made her promise never to talk about her dreams back when she was a
young girl. Now that she’s a wife and mother of two teens, the images
are more disturbing. And instead of receiving them in dreams, the
visions come when she’s wide awake. Staying quiet is no longer an

As her involvement in a high-stakes case at work exposes
Amy to threats from unexpected places, her fourteen-year-old daughter,
Megan, gets tangled up in rumors. Then Megan seeks solace in what only
seems like a safe place.

Dreams, writing, and visions converge in
unfolding events that threaten her career, but more importantly, the
safety of her family. Faith and courage are the tools Amy must use to
triumph in the end.