Have you ever told a “little white lie” on your resume? Even a trifling exaggeration can have deadly consequences, as Pippa Hunnechurch finds out.

Pippa is a “headhunter” whose one-woman recruiting business—financed with her life savings—is threatened by the nation’s economic slowdown. Her luck seems to improve when she nails down a plum recruiting assignment and teams up with Marsha Morgan, a wildly successful headhunter who finds the perfect candidate for the job.

But Pippa’s joy ends when Marsha drowns in what looks like a freak accident. As Pippa struggles on, she finds herself caught in a web of deceit, spun out of “harmless exaggerations” in the resumes of Marsha most successful candidates. Another death, this one clearly not an accident, creates an impossible dilemma for Pippa: If she cooperates with the police, she’ll ruin her own reputation and destroy the careers of four celebrated executives whose only crime was to embellish their credentials. If she remains silent, she’ll become the target of a ruthless murderer—who just tried to kill the only man Pippa’s loved during the past seven years.

Pippa’s battle to save her business, her reputation, and her life leads her through a journey of discovery about herself, about her beliefs, and about the destructive power of “harmless lies.”

This novel was previously published under the title “Little White Lies.”

“The Benrey’s spin a brisk Christian murder mystery … fast paced and liberally seasoned with dry humor.”
Publishers Weekly