Pippa Hunnechurch thought she was a great executive recruiter—the kind who goes the extra mile for her candidates. But then her latest recruit announces—via a widely circulated email—that that he hates his job, kills himself, and blames Pippa for ruining his life!

Pippa’s reputation as a headhunter hits rock-bottom when Ryde’s local newspaper publishes a devastating “follow-up” article that catalogs a long list of things that Pippa supposedly failed to do right when she recruited the man. Unable to come up with a better explanation for his suicide, she’s forced to launch her own investigation into what happened. Pippa’s persistence confirms what she suspected all along—that her recruit did not commit suicide; he was murdered.

But why was he killed? Who smeared her capabilities to cover it up? And how can she undo the damage that threatens to destroy her small business.

Pippa sets out on a quest to find the answers. Her journey of discovery leads to a medical-device scandal that might impact thousands of patients around the world—caused by a careless error.
But inadvertently, Pippa also makes herself the target of a ruthless criminal who is determined to stop her cold. It will take every scrap of Pippa’s fortitude—and the boundless heroism of the man who loves her—to help her survive the toughest challenge of her life.

This novel was previously published under the title “The Second Mile.”

“A clever amateur sleuth novel that stars a very feisty and strong-willed heroine whose faith sustains her in times of crisis. The mystery is complex with enough suspects to keep reading guessing until the climax is reached. Ron and Janet Benrey have written a mystery series that will have wide appeal to more than just fans of the sub-genre.”
—Harriet Klausner