If you doubt that a big-box home-improvement store is a great place to find romance — think again!

“Building Love” includes two complete novellas:

“Once Upon a Shopping Cart”—By Ron Benrey

Kaitlyn Ferrer is an investigative reporter used to writing hard-hitting stories. But her new editor gives her a ridiculous “fluff” assignment: report on the dating scene at big-box home improvement-stores. And so Kaitlin—who needs her new job—is compelled to visit Home and Hearth Superstore, with her trusty cassette recorder and faithful camera woman. Despite her skepticism, she’s soon chatting over coffee with a handsome shopper named Jake Sinclair—who will become the “star” of the story she plans to write. Alas—Kaitlin soon discovers that she hasn’t been honest about her feelings for Jake and that he hasn’t been honest about … anything!

“How to Refurbish an Old Romance”—By Janet Benrey

Brianna Griffith wanted to learn how to remove old wallpaper from her new office. And so she enrolled in How To Repair Bad Decisions Made Years Ago, a redecorating class at her local Home and Hearth Superstore. But the the first person she sees in the classroom, is Zachary Wilson, an old flame—handsome as ever. Brianna broke off their romance years ago, when she set out to build a career “without encumbrances.” Astonishingly, Zach is also back in town … and he, like Brianna, has become a successful travel agent. Will a bucket of wallpaper paste help glue Zach and Brianna back together?