Pippa Hunnechurch is thrust into her own legal thriller when the hottest software company in town hauls her small headhunting firm into court on a charge of “consultant malpractice.” The president of the software company claims that Pippa acted unethically when she “stole” his personal speechwriter and “placed” him in another company.

Impossible! Pippa thinks. She struggles to defend herself against the sharpest trial lawyers in Maryland—but she soon realizes that the evidence is stacked against her. A bad situation gets even worse when the stress of the trial—and Pippa’s own pride—threatens to sabotage her relationship with her brand-new husband.

And then the speechwriter is killed in a freak hit-and-run accident—eliminating Pippa’s only potential witness for the defense. Ignoring her own attorney’s advice, Pippa launches an investigation to learn “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Her actions bring her face-to-face with the ruthless corporate spy—a shotgun-toting killer—who orchestrated Pippa’s legal woes and the speechwriters’ death. This industrial strength murderer is determined to add Pippa to the growing list of victims.

This novel was previously published under the title “Humble Pie.”

“Ron and Janet Benrey have created an engaging character in Pippa Hunnechurch. Her British ways are charming and her humanity compelling. She is the kind of character that readers will connect to – and follow faithfully. The Curry Killing is a page turning mystery with depth and spirit. I absolutely loved it. The only problem? Now I have to go back and read the other Hunnechurch novels! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION”