No wonder the tea bushes didn’t grow!

When Nigel Owen and Flick Adams—the new director and curator of The Royal Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum—dug up two stunted tea bushes in the museum’s garden, the last thing they expected to find was the body of England’s most famous missing person.

Etienne Makepeace, England’s renowned “Tea Sage,” disappeared forty years ago without a trace. But there he lies, in a shallow grave, and every policeman and reporter in the British Isles wants to know why.

So does the stodgy manager of the stodgy English bank that’s about to fund the museum’s acquisition of a major collection of antiquities. He’s ready to pull the plug on the deal.

Flick and Nigel have no choice. To save their beloved museum, they must learn the secret of Makepeace’s disappearance—first! Their investigation takes them back to the 1960s and reveals what even the spymasters of Her Majesty’s Secret Service don’t know: Etienne Makepeace brewed more trouble than tea during the Cold War.

“Written in a rich style reminiscent of Agatha Christie, the Benreys present a satisfying sequel to the first novel in their Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery Series. Nigel’s British sensibilities play perfectly against Flick’s more Americanized spontaneity. They are the perfect protagonists for this super series. So…brew a cuppa, put up your feet, and enjoy The Final Crumpet. You’ll be hooked, mate! Highest Recommendation!”

“A charming whodunit with two likable sleuths at the helm.”
—Mindy Starns Clark, author of the Million Dollar Mysteries series

“With its tongue firmly in its cheek, The Final Crumpet pokes fun at spy novels through to Agatha Christie. Highly enjoyable.”