Caroline is a worrier. Her husband died and left her with little money or survival skills. Her son thinks the choices she’s made since then have been foolish. And every time an opportunity looks good, something makes her second guess herself.

Rodney has always thought life was good — until a heart attack laid him out flat. Retired now from his executive lifestyle, he begins to realize he wasn’t much more than a workaholic.

Marriage isn’t on either of their minds … but their minds are not God’s, and He is busy taking care of the lilies of the field — and His children.

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About The Author

Rose Ross Zediker started penning short pieces for children's Sunday school take-home papers. When she decided to try her hand at writing a book, it just seemed natural to write inspirational romances because that is what she reads. Rose and her husband live in rural southeastern South Dakota where she works full-time at the University of South Dakota. Writing occupies many evenings and weekends, but she balances both careers with relaxing hobbies: sewing, embroidery, quilting, reading and spoiling her granddaughters.

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