Abigail Walker and Jarvis Daniels, longtime sweethearts, are beginning to find themselves worlds apart. Abby, an aspiring cellist, wants out of her humble Detroit surroundings and is more than willing to shed blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen. Jarvis, on the other hand, is perfectly content with his life. He’s got everything a man could want, including the love of a good woman.

A twist of fate turns their worlds upside down, when the couple is involved in a near fatal car accident. Broken, stripped and broken again, they stumble through a journey of healing and self-discovery while struggling to accept the merciful hand of the only One who can help them up after a fall.

After the Fall is the story of two people—one fleeing the world into which she was born, the other embracing it—bound together by the threads of fate. Will they discover the dreams awaiting them, or will they tear each other apart in a desperate bid to find fulfillment on their own terms?

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About The Author

Ryan M. Phillips lives in Orlando, Florida. She is the communications specialist for The Ephraim Project, Inc. and the author of three previous novels. Other books include Saving Grace, After the Fall and Fall from Grace. Ryan is currently working on her fifth novel, while pursuing a Master of Arts in English.

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