Lynn does not panic, Lynn does not scream—but why is this happening, and WHEN WILL SHE WAKE UP?
Lynn’s an “in-between.” Not a child, not an adult—even if she does have a real job in a department store.

 In fact, her life isn’t interesting at all…until the day she trips and bumps her head on a Chicago sidewalk.

 Plunged headlong into the world of Tarth and a vicious war between the evil sorcerer, Gefcla, and the kindly Stallis, Lynn decides she should try to fulfill a prophetic rhyme from Keshua, the Healer.

 Only she can’t let anyone else know, or they might try to stop her. Chell, a Stalli warrior wants to help, but he is hours away—and Gefcla isn’t!

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About The Author

Sarah G. Byrd is dedicated to encouraging those living within unwanted limits, since she has had to live with Sjogren’s syndrome and TMJ inflammation. Her hobbies include hiking, reading fantasy, eating brownies, playing with dogs, and visiting Ashley and Boaz, her grandchildren. She lives in North Carolina with her husband.

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