Curl says she’d rather die than spend the rest of her life trapped under Wasso Lake. What if her wish is coming true?

Nineteen years old and longing to see new things, the impulsive Curl plans an exploration trip with her friends, Mindik and Chera, to find Tarth’s legendary Opal Cavern. But Lacht, who rescued Curl from her last expedition gone awry, has recurrent, heavy feelings that her underwater friend shouldn’t go. Nobody, including Lacht, listens to her forebodings until the explorers have left.

When Wave, another Wassandra, learns a shocking secret from an old diary—a secret that can mean life or death for Curl—a rescue team rushes off to find the explorers. But will they be too late?

A brilliantly creative tale that whisks the reader into another world

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About The Author

Sarah G. Byrd is dedicated to encouraging those living within unwanted limits, since she has had to live with Sjogren’s syndrome and TMJ inflammation. Her hobbies include hiking, reading fantasy, eating brownies, playing with dogs, and visiting Ashley and Boaz, her grandchildren. She lives in North Carolina with her husband.

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