It’s taken Audrey Regan years to establish herself as a wedding dress
designer, and to date she’s been roped into creating dresses for nine of
her girlfriends. Request #10 follows her vow to “Just say no!” and
comes from her very best friend, so she can hardly turn Carly

Audrey arrives in Atlanta early to perform
all of her maid-of-honor duties along with final fittings for a
one-of-a-kind dress. But Carly’s wedding is nothing short of an event,
complete with Prince Charming, and the festivities make Audrey question
whether there’s a prince of her own anywhere in her future.  

Enter the groom’s brother and best man. Shaggy-haired, tattooed bad
boy J.R. Hunt couldn’t be any more different from Prince Charming if he
rode in on a Harley Davidson.  (Oh, wait. He actually did ride in on a
Harley …!)