So what if she can’t hook a fish? This girl has a plan to snag something else…and his name is Justin.

Lucy Binoche is attractive and intelligent, and she has better-than-average hair. So why is she nearly 30 and still single? When stunningly gorgeous Justin Gerard joins the singles group at church, Lucy is convinced he’s the answer to her prayers. And when he signs up for a camping trip in Snowball, Arkansas, Lucy is quick to write her name on the line beneath his.

There’s only one problem: Lucy’s idea of “roughing it” is suffering through a long line at Starbucks®. She assumes she can rely on the grace of God and the assistance of her best friend, Matt, to thrive in the great outdoors.

Will Lucy pretend to be someone she’s not just to snag a boyfriend? Or will she discover that she can be loved just as she is?