How does a woman know when she’s found the one? Most know after a few bad dates and broken hearts but for Vashti Hunter, it also took being left at the altar, arrested, the other woman, and an affair with her pastor before she finally figured it out.

Vashti knew that something was wrong when she received her fiancé’s nervous phone call the night before their wedding. Her worst fears are confirmed when he leaves her alone and humiliated at the altar.

After a roller-coaster ride of dating disasters, Vashti not only discovers what she does not want in a mate, but discovers who she is in the process. When she finally evolves into the woman she wants to be, she meets and falls for gentle and Christ-minded Lewis Brown, who is twenty years her senior. When Vashti is on the verge of accepting Lewis’s marriage proposal, her long-lost fiance returns, remorseful and wanting another chance. Vashti believes that God brought her and Lewis together, so why she can’t forget the past or the man who broke her heart?

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About The Author

As a child, Shana Burton created adventures for her imaginary friends. Growing up, she took her mother's love of soap opera romance and drama and her father's love for books and found her own creative outlet in writing. Shana's first poem was published when she was 9, her first novel when she was 13. Today a mom, college administrator and Georgia Book Awards nominee, Shana has written several novels.

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