Hadassah Jensen, a Holocaust survivor of Ravensbrück, has spent twenty years trying to forget her haunting memories. Worst of all is the dark day the train hurtled through the snow-covered countryside of Nazi Germany, throwing her life into a tumult from which she has not recovered. But when a piece of the puzzle from her past returns, she’s confronted with her deepest shame. Professor Fritz Miller will always remember the fierce protectiveness he felt the day he, as a twelve-year-old German farm boy, found the Jewish baby lying in the snow, next to the train tracks … and then had to give her up. When a shocking revelation emerges, he wonders, Is it possible to change destiny? And, if so, will there even be time to do so?

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About The Author

Sharon calls what she writes Reality Fiction: where life meets imagination. "I'm willing to tackle the tough subjects that relate to the human struggles we all face. There are no "pat" answers in life, and you won't find them in my books." Sharon loves spending time with friends and family, especially her four granddaughters, as well as land sailing in the beautiful Columbia River gorge. She and her husband attend a large, Evangelical Church in Vancouver, WA. She'd like you to know she's a cowgirl at heart.

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