Katherine Adamson is in a race against time. Can she unravel the mystery of her aunt’s diary in time to stop the demonic clock set into motion by Amy Horine’s kidnapping? Can John Thundercloud’s journals shed light into the rising darkness surrounding Eden, Indiana? And what is real estate agent Rhonda Coleman hiding? Prepare yourself for a non-stop, heart pounding ride as Katy, Josh, Pastor Jones, and Thundercloud lead a group of Eden’s faithful against Satan’s plans for a genetic Armageddon..

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About The Author

Sharon K. Gilbert brings a rich heritage to her writing: A childhood spent wandering along crooked streams and dancing in meadows, coupled with a degree in molecular biology and a short career in opera. Married to fellow writer and MythArc co-creator Derek P. Gilbert, Sharon is stepmother to a very gifted teen named Nicole, in addition to acting as assistant keeper to three rag-tag rescue dogs. The Gilberts live in Manchester, Missouri.

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