In the early 1970s the friendly residents of Chillaton are raising their cotton and kids to semi-perfection. But you have to hold your mouth just right, though, if you want to stay on everybody’s good side … and out of the ongoing stories at Nedra’s Nook.

Jemmabeth always gives them plenty to talk about … with her art showing around the world and her persistent old flame, Paul, buying the sprawling Lazy J ranch in Connelly County. That’s not the only thing going on, either. Jemma’s husband, Spencer, has to decide whether or not to take a big risk. Lester, the entrepreneurial neighbor, is again up to something, and Lizbeth harbors a secret. To make things worse, the new society page editor at the local newspaper is determined to vex everybody with her advice.

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About The Author

Sharon McAnear grew up in the Texas Panhandle at a time when small towns and farms still thrived, as did the comforting presence of extended families. Her grandparents were a constant source of joy and spiritual inspiration to her. In addition to writing, Sharon is a reader, a hiker, and a frequent visitor to Britain. She lives in Colorado with her periodically dramatic family.

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