It’s 1966. Jemmabeth Forrester’s longtime sweetheart, Spencer Chase, is ready to offer her The Ring, but cowboy lawyer Paul Turner plots his own proposals.

Jealous Missy Barnes, known as The Cleave from her infamous baton-twirling days, stands nearby to do what she can to twist that ring right off Jemma. Then there’s the secret pact that Jemma and Spencer are determined to keep, despite their anxieties over the Vietnam war.

Jemma’s grandmother, Lizbeth Forrester, has already lost two soldier sons. They’re buried in places she’s only seen in the atlas. Will she ever get her heart’s desire — to say a prayer over their resting places? Then a mail-order bride invades the neighborhood. And Jemma’s great Aunt Do Dah is up to something — but what?

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About The Author

Sharon McAnear grew up in the Texas Panhandle at a time when small towns and farms still thrived, as did the comforting presence of extended families. Her grandparents were a constant source of joy and spiritual inspiration to her. In addition to writing, Sharon is a reader, a hiker, and a frequent visitor to Britain. She lives in Colorado with her periodically dramatic family.

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