Lucy Troyer is traveling by train from Berlin, Ohio to Middlefield to
help care for her cousin Mattie, who was just diagnosed with breast
cancer. Lucy has always been fond of Mattie, plus she’s nursing a broken
heart. The man she courted for two years just became engaged to her
best friend. She’s anxious to get away. Calvin Weaver’s on his way
home from attending an auction for some new horses. He’s used to feeling
somewhat respected, given that his family owns quite a bit of land in
Middlefield, and his great grandfather founded the town. Actually, he’s
used to being catered to…he’s handsome and outgoing. Good marriage
material. When their train breaks down on the outside of Cleveland
and Calvin and Lucy realize they are the only two Amish people aboard
the train, they band together to find a place to stay for the night. But
Calvin is taken aback by Lucy’s independent ways and lack of interest
in him. Their fragile truce falls apart when they get to Middlefield.
Lucy’s busy with caring for Mattie and Calvin is busy helping run the
town. But neither can completely forget the bond that was forged on that
train. Calvin decides it’s time to court Lucy in earnest…before
she leaves his life forever.