During a rally in the searing heat of a Virginia summer, two men plummet
from a building into the crowd below. The victims are a white police officer
and a young black man with a troubled past. And though hundreds of people
stood at the scene, nobody saw what happened. Or are they just not talking?

FBI agent Raleigh Harmon, one of Richmond’s own, has to solve the case—fast.
The Bureau wants a quick verdict, with or without the truth. But with tight-lipped
witnesses, Raleigh must rely on her instincts and her training in forensic geology to uncover the facts. Working her connections with the city’s powerful families and its seedy underbelly, Raleigh is determined to see justice prevail. Will she solve the case before the growing racial unrest rages out of control? Or will her choices ultimately bring down everyone involved—including Raleigh herself?