With his first major case, fire-cop-in-training Matt Clark finally has the chance to shed his image as the Clark family’s goofy youngest son. Then an explosion lands Matt and his partner, Lara Hughes, in the hospital, and the investigation–and the fires–gain momentum. Lara’s now a witness, needing all the protection Matt can give…if she’ll accept his help. The beautiful but always aloof Lara has worked hard to keep her distance from Matt, until a desperate choice to save the investigation leaves her with nowhere else to turn.
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About The Author

Stephanie Newton wrote her first suspense story -- complete with illustrations -- at the age of twelve. A teaching degree, a pastor husband, two kids and six moves later, she's still writing. She lives in Northwest Florida where she can most often be found enjoying the water with her family, or at church, where she makes the coffee and her husband preaches the sermons.

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