With his cover blown, former DEA Agent Tyler Clark has nothing but time on his hands. Time—and orders—to see the police psychologist before taking a new case. Gracie VanDoren’s cheerful determination to help him drives Tyler up the wall … right up until a threatening letter has Gracie’s sunshiny demeanor giving way to fear. As the threats escalate, both realize someone has an unusually personal vendetta against Gracie. Now Tyler’s cover is blown again. Because he’s committed to being her point-blank protector—even if it means exposing his heart.
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About The Author

Stephanie Newton wrote her first suspense story -- complete with illustrations -- at the age of twelve. A teaching degree, a pastor husband, two kids and six moves later, she's still writing. She lives in Northwest Florida where she can most often be found enjoying the water with her family, or at church, where she makes the coffee and her husband preaches the sermons.

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