The Stuart Brannon Novels — Book 2

Stuart Brannon is Back, and He’s Found Gold! But the Struggle to Keep It Could Cost Him His Life.

After months of digging in the mountains of southwestern Colorado, Brannon and Edwin Fletcher finally hit the mother lode. But someone else is after their claim. Under attack, they fortify the mine and ally themselves with three Ute Indians.

When Fletcher makes a hurried trip to Tres Casas, a party of claim jumpers kidnaps him. Creeping into their camp at night, Brannon stampedes the horses and stages a bold rescue. However, he returns with not just one partner, but two. Whether Brannon likes it or not, Velvet Wendell becomes the new member of the Little Stephen Mining Company. Soon the three find themselves fighting both a professional gunman and the powerful Colorado Southern Mining Corporation.

In “False Claims” we find Brannon dealing with both the threat to his claim and, much to his surprise, with his own greed as he comes to terms with his new-found riches. Fans will not want to miss this fast-moving tale of life in the Old West.

Written in the tradition of Zane Grey, Luke Short, and Louis L’Amour, False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine recreates the tumultuous old West where good battles evil.