The Stuart Brannon Novels — Book 4

Nobody Steals Stuart Brannon’s Cattle. Not Even a Military Man Who Has His Own Private Army.

Stuart Brannon battles cattle rustlers, befriends Apaches, and a feels his heart stir for a beautiful woman he much admires. Will she get Brannon to lay to rest the ghost of his dead wife—or will he continue to mourn?

This time Brannon heads south of the border to buy cattle for his ranch. But he finds the cattle rustled and their owner murdered. Brannon comes up against something a lot bigger than just a band of small-time rustlers. A former Confederate officer stole the herd to finance his private army. Captain Porter has devised a fantastic scheme to “liberate” Baja California, supposedly for the Confederacy. But Porter should have picked someone else’s cattle to steal. Army or no army, Brannon is not about to let Porter walk away with his livestock.

Meanwhile, Stuart gets reacquainted with the widow Victoria Pacifica and discovers they have much in common. His admiration grows for the amazing woman. Will she succeed in getting Brannon to lay to rest the ghost of his dead wife where others have failed?

Written in the tradition of Zane Grey, Luke Short, and Louis L’Amour, Final Justice at Adobe Wells recreates the tumultuous old West where good battles evil.