The Stuart Brannon Novels — Book 6

All Is Going Well for Brannon as He Celebrates His Fortieth Birthday. But an Outlaw From Brannon’s Past Has Other Plans That Put at Risk His Very Survival.

A knock at the door interrupts Stuart Brannon’s fortieth birthday party. Standing on the doorstep is a twelve-year-old Indian boy named Littlefoot with a shocking announcement: Brannon is his father!

The boy brings the sad news that his mother, whom Brannon befriended at Broken Arrow Crossing, is dying in a Navajo camp. Brannon is determined to bring her back to the ranch, but decides to wait before telling Littlefoot the truth about his parentage — that his real father was an outlaw.

Danger stalks the trail to the Utah border. A desperado Brannon once sent to prison closes in on him, determined to get his revenge. A gun battle breaks out. Brannon captures the man again, but the outlaw tricks a gullible sheriff into letting him go and locking up Brannon.

And so, once again, Brannon faces the shrewdest outlaw of his career in a battle for survival.

Written in the tradition of Zane Grey, Luke Short, and Louis L’Amour, Son of an Arizona Legend recreates the tumultuous old West where good battles evil.